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The Trager® Approach

The Trager® Approach

Developed over 70 years ago by Dr. Milton Trager for the treatment of polio and sciatica, The Trager® Approach remains an innovative approach to movement education and self-care, which facilitates lasting neuro-muscular change.

The Trager® Approach utilizes gentle touch and rhythmic movements to cultivate a state of deep relaxation to release muscle holding patterns residing in the unconscious mind that often manifest as functional limitation, or pain. Self-Care movement exercises are provided so clients may develop their own session "recall" capacity to elicit similar relaxation responses experienced during their session.

Clients often report:

  • Increased mobility, vitality, clarity, capacity to relax and sense of overall peace.
  • Improved sports performance without injury, quickened recover from surgery or injury,
  • Relief from stress, sciatica, chronic back-neck pain, headaches, and TMJ pain.
  • Relief from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue
  • Improved neuro-muscular function in those with Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy and MS
  • Relief and or recovery from Ankylosing Spondylitis and Post-Stroke Paralysis
  • A great adjunct to Ashtanga Yoga for integrating musculo-skeletal changes


Conditions successfully addressed in my practice over the past 25 years:

Common Stress related neck and back pain
Herniated disc pain
Femoral nerve entrapment
Temporal mandibular joint pain
Migraine headaches
Sports injuries
Frozen shoulders
PTSD related pain and muscular restriction
Sexual Abuse TraumaNeuromuscular / Auto-immune Conditions:
Parkinson’s Disease
Post Stroke Paralysis
Multiple Sclerosis
Cerebral Palsy
Ankylosing Spondylitis

Additional information on my previous relief work in Sri Lanka, please click here.


TRAGER Introductory Workshops and Professional Training NCBTMC.   CEUs Available

The Essence of The Trager ® Approach - An Introduction for Somatic Professionals

“Movement as a Way to Agelessness,” Milton Trager, MD

Whether you are a Massage Therapist, Rolfer®, Physical or Occupational Therapist, Chiropractor, Nurse, or Yoga Instructor, learning how to incorporate the principles of The Trager® Approach and Mentastics® into your work will enhance your treatment efficacy, minimize burnout and, repetitive strain injuries, and have both you and your client feeling great afterwards.

Utilizing gentle touch and movement, The Trager® Approach remains one of the most innovative and effective forms of integrative movement education and bodywork that facilitates lasting release of muscle holding patterns that manifest as pain and functional limitation.  More than a treatment,  a Trager® session is a lesson for the nervous system, as well as an introduction to  The Trager® Approach,  a way of moving effortlessly through life.

Through lecture, demonstration and practice you'll learn:

  • Mentastics® Self-Care Movement exercises to keep you comfortable while you work and which you can teach to your clients so that they may elicit similar muscular changes on their own.
  • How inquiry and a meditative presence transform touch into a language.
  • How to use touch and movement to dialogue with the nervous system to initiate lasting neuromuscular change.
  • The fundamental principles of the Trager®. Approach at the heart of its efficacy.
  • Through a mini-session protocol, we explore how to adapt those principles to your present style of work.This workshop contains vital information for anyone wishing to further understand the connection between mind and body, touch as a language, and in the words of Dr. Milton Trager, "Movement as a Way to Agelessness." This workshop will also follow a format similar to Michael's work in Sri Lanka, which was profiled in AMTA "Massage Therapy Journal" Winter 2007 Quarterly.


    Discussions on Energetic Healing, The Morphogenic Field/The Living Matrix, Healing Intention, Research by the Institute of Heart Math, Raw, "Living Food" Nutrition, Biophotonic Energy, Sacred Geometry and World Health Organization assessments on Musculoskeletal Conditions and Chronic Disability may also find there way into the workshop or post-workshop activities.Ideal for somatic practitioners, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, yoga instructors


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