Folks are already transforming their lives! From improving balance, to no longer requiring chiropractic visits, to strengthening already developed practices, these are the types of dividends yielded by the investment in this practice!  Come explore what's possible for your in 2020!

The practice of Ashtanga Yoga at NuHouse provides you with an opportunity to transform yourself.  Ashtanga Yoga has done just that for me over the past 28 years and I'm so grateful to have the chance again to share the practice locally.   In addition to achieving greater aerobic capacity, strength, flexibility and focus, you’ll be developing equanimity and a mindful biofeedback loop which will guide your life choices toward greater happiness and harmony for yourself and others.  Please join us!

Ashtanga Yoga:

Though considered a demanding yoga style, Ashtanga Yoga, the origin of power and flow series yoga styles, is a healing practice and one of the most comprehensive systems of self-care available. In the context of compassionate self-inquiry, this method synchronizes the breath with movement through a progressive series of postures to produce internal and purifying heat that detoxifies muscles and organs.

ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME.  Please read the class descriptions below for more details.

Class Descriptions:

Alchemy of Ashtanga
This class is a great starting point for those new to yoga and for those who wish to deepen the benefits of their existing practice as well.  You’ll receive instruction in proper breathing, functional anatomy, safe and authentic practice methods, positive mental attitude shifts to optimize your practice and the application of insights gained on the mat to all areas of your life.  Sun Salutations and basic postures will be introduced.

Led Half Primary & Full Primary Series
In this class you’ll experience the flow of the energizing and healing sequence of Ashtanga Yoga Primary series as you begin to learn the sequences of the poses to build your self-led practice.  Breath, bandhas and vinyasa will be emphasized.  Class content will vary between half sequence or full sequence based on class participants.

Mysore Style Practice/ Master Class

In this self-led class you will enjoy all the benefits of a group class, but will be self-directed.  Drawing on your memory of the sequences and practicing to a pace and level of intensity that is appropriate for you, your deep inward focus will lead you to experience the purifying nature of the asana practice.  Teacher adjustments and one on one consultations are provided throughout the class time window and based on student’s request.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary, Intermediate or Advanced A sequences.  Adventurous and responsible beginners or other yogis are welcome.

January through March Schedule:

Mondays: Alchemy of Ashtanga - Practice Fundamentals  6:15PM - 7:45PM
Wednesdays: Led Half Primary Series  6:15PM - 7:45PM
Saturday: Led Half-Full Primary Series  8:15AM - 9:45AM
Sunday: Mysore Practice  8:00AM - 10:00AM

Unlimited 3 Month Package - $249

Student: $12.75

Drop in - $15


Ashtanga Yoga Chikitsa

Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Chikitsa (Therapy), is a powerful ancient vinyasa based yoga that increases flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity while healing and detoxifying the body.  Through a systematic approach, students are guided to develop a personal (Mysore style) practice to address their specific needs.

Breath awareness,  alignment and the internal therapeutic components of this system are emphasized.   All levels of practitioners, even those new to yoga, will benefit from this dynamic practice.

A sub-culture within a sub-culture, those practicing Mysore-style Ashtanga are a breed apart.  Self-led and up for the challenge of deep inquiry into the impersonal self and body, practitioners of Mysore are the genuine spiritual warriors in the yoga realm.

Michael brings decades of therapeutic bodywork to his adjustments, and leverages his knowledge of anatomy as well as his background in Vipassana meditation to provide his students with an energizing, educational and peaceful experience.  Intense, light-hearted, demanding and joyful, these classes are not to be missed.


Mysore style (self-led practice) invites you to:

  • Maintain an inward focus
  • Cultivate and enjoy an authentic internal dialogue specific to your daily needs
  • Address challenging postures and psychological underpinnings of physical limits
  • Practice at your own pace to avoid injury and heal past injuries
  • Create harmony and resonance within yourself to share with others
  • Awaken the master within, tap your inner wisdom and dispel false beliefs

Clinics and Master Classes.  Yoga Alliance CEU's available.   RYT 500 #18820



 The Alchemy of Ashtanga Series- Not just for Ashtangis.  Students of all styles of yoga will benefit!

Getting established and mastering the fundamentals of the Ashtanga practice will benefit anyone interested in creating for themselves a life-long a tool for self-care, gaining greater personal insight and having the best days ever.

From Internal Healing Practices to Lifting up Jumping Back and Through - Understanding Kinetic Chains - Accessing Core Strength, Establishing a Daily Bandha Practice, Keeping it Safe - Understanding Alignment with Just Enough Anatomical Reference to Go Deeper without Injury, Deconstruction of Essential Gateway Postures, The Yamas - Re-tool the Mind and the Body Follows - Applying Discernment in Life Off the Mat, How to Be an Alchemist and More.

Best of all, the benefits are not just for those who can get their leg behind their head.  The gifts of this practice are available immediately to anyone with a body, and who is interested in taking the first steps.  In this series, you'll have a chance explore the details of the practice that form the essence of its core value.  In addition to discussions on yoga and anatomy, Michael will share insights from his Anatomy of Consciousness and Live Food, Life Force workshops throughout the series.  All levels are welcome.

1) Anatomy of Consciousness: Navigating the Holographic Universe Revisiting the Yamas and Niyamas.

A lecture for everyone, not just yogis.

What if our intentions and feelings really do create the world in which we live, and impact others?
What if the human heart is the most advanced technology of our time and connects us to our Earth?
What if our perception rather than our DNA gives rise to our genetic expression?

Are you ready to take a quantum leap into your true potential?

Weaving frontier health sciences with ancient yogic wisdom, Michael guides you on a slalom for the mind that opens the doors to your true human potential and the infinite possibilities that exist for you each and every day. Pioneering work in Epigenetic Medicine, Heart-Brain Coherence, and Morphogenic Field Theory provide the springboard for this discussion, which unveils the science behind our intuition, explains the power of the heart, and pushes the envelop of understanding regarding the real potential of our species.

We'll also look at Yoga for Everyday - Finding Solace in the Moral and Ethical Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga, The Yamas and Niyamas. This lecture maps out for the student, the psychology for the asana practice and it's impact on stretch physiology as well as how to use the practice as a metaphor for daily living.

Energized by Michael’s life long pursuit of understanding our larger role in the cosmos, this talk provides critical information for anyone ready to step into greater consciousness and vibrant living.  Bring your questions and join Michael Lear for an intriguing and inspiring presentation that awakens your inherent joy and activates the next level of your conscious participation in the “Living Matrix” of life.

2) Cultivating Tristana: Exploring Ashtanga Yoga’s Internal Practices  Bandhas, Breath, Dristi

"Behind the strength of the body is an energy which is spiritual and which keeps us alive.”

                                                                                                                           - Sri K. Patthabi Jois

Void of this internal focus, this invisible practice, one experiences Ashtanga yoga or yoga in general as mere bending, mere calisthenics, absent of healing energy and deeper, spiritual meaning. By fusing the breath, bandhas and dristhi, we quiet the mind and achieve the deeper meditative and life-renewing aspects of the Ashtanga practice. We establish an internal foundation and find peace within ourselves.  Topics to be covered include:  Bandha Anatomy/Physiology  - Developing Breath Awareness - Steadying the Mind, Developing Equanimity, The Four Purifications (Pranayama*) for Tristana Development, 5 minute Tristana/Bandha practice and Incorporating Tristana into Asana.  A study guide is provided.

3) The Integrative Properties of Suryanamaskar and Vinayasa

An essential component of the Ashtanga practice or any flow series, is the vinyasa (synchronizing breath and movement). Understanding the dynamics of lifting up, jumping back and through, provide opportunities to develop and integrate our core strength with that of the shoulder girdle, while perfecting our breath and establishing our own relationship to flow.

Through a progressive series of partner work exercises, and discussion, participants will establish awareness and control of the bandhas to access lightness and grace to take full advantage of healing power of vinyasa.  Other topics covered include: Realization through Repetition, Benefits of Self Practice,  Techniques for Developing Deeper Focus, 5 Minute Bandha Development Practice, Understanding Kinetic Chains and Embracing Injury as Teacher.

4) A Deconstruction of Yoga Chikitsa

Part I  Up to Navasana

Drawing on the wisdom of a variety of Ashtanga teachers, we’ll examine the postures up to Navasana, the pinnacle of the Primary Series, to gain a better understanding  of each posture's unique energetic dynamics, the placement of vinyasa and establishing one’s individual practice rhythm.

Part II  Navasana to Finish

Characterized by the introduction to leg behind the head, arm balance transitions, lotus and deeper forward folding. these posture begin to cool the body down and prepare us for the finishing sequence.  Surely, something in which to indulge!  Options to successfully access the full power of each posture will be explored

Advanced Asana - A Deconstruction of Ashtanga’s Intermediate Series, Nadi Shodhana.

The  daily  practice  of  the  full  Intermediate  Series  deepens  your  quality  of  life  so  much  that  once  you  are  established  in  this  regimen,  you  simply  will  not  want  to  live  in  a  body  that  does  not  undergo  this  type  of  yogic  training.”    Gregor  Maehle

5) A deconstruction  of  Ashtanga's  Intermediate  Series,  Nadi  Shodhana.

With  its  emphasis  on   back  bending,  spinal  twisting,  leg  behind  the  head  and  inversions,  the  intense,  energizing  flow  of  Intermediate  series  cleanses  the  subtle  energy  body  and  complements  the  primary  series  practice.    Throughout  the   class  Michael  will  share  insights  from  his  Anatomy  of  Consciousness  and  Live  Food,  Life  Force  lectures  that   will  aid  in  the  emotional  cleansing  often  experienced  during  the  practice.

Modifications  for  the  safe  explorations  of  the  sequence  will  be  reviewed.      This workshop  is  suggested  for   those  who    have  a  consistent  practice...not  suited  for beginners.

6) Back Bends

Embrace, understand, and master these powerful and beneficial asanas through a thorough invigorating and empowering exploration of the anatomy and dynamic energies of common back bends and inversions.

Through lecture and demonstrations, participants will become familiar with the structure and function of the legs, spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle, and through practice they'll learn proper ways to work safely towards full expression of back bends, dropping back and inversions.  Also covered will be preparatory exercise to ensure proper alignment and to build upper body strength, and "research" postures to awaken the illio-psoas and greater pelvic and spinal extension.

7) Arm Balances and Inversions

Arm balances and Inversions present unique challenges for us to develop lightness, concentration and strength, while maintaining the grace of our breath rhythm.   We'll explore the anatomy of the shoulder girdle, upper back, abdomen to better understand the muscular relationships and kinetic chains that make this possible.  From the ground up, you'll learn up how to establish a solid foundation from which to balance and invert.   We'll also review the dynamics of Vinyasa ( lifting up, jumping back etc.) that develop our lightness, and touch on back bending as a method of cooling down.

8) Functional Yoga Anatomy: The Spine, Shoulder Girdle, Trunk, Pelvis/Hips, Leg and Knee.

Functional anatomy and stretch physiology explored in the context of postures will provide you with practical knowledge of the your body and how it opens so you can optimize your practice and avoid injury while utilizing the asana system to heal and awaken the body.

Psychology of practice, energetic economy (Bramacharya) during practice, bandhas and breath, will also be discussed. We’ll also review the fundamental principles of the Trager® Approach at the core of it’s efficacy, which will be helpful for teachers and for giving adjustments or going deeper. Great review and Continuing Ed for YA certified teachers.

9) Live Food, Live Force:  A Non-Dogmatic Approach to Hive Vibe Nutrition

Everyone wants to feel their optimal, vibrant self. Coming into alignment with a diet that nourishes our cells, is easy to metabolize and clean up afterwards, is essential to preserving and increasing our life force energy.

In a non-dogmatic fashion, this lecture will address the state of global health care, the population’s poor health, and diseases of affluence as an impetus for dietary change.  Simple solutions and strategies for incorporating higher, nutrient dense foods into your diet and overcoming barriers to lasting change will be introduced.

Referencing research into the inherent life force contained in raw plant-based whole foods, we’ll take a look at cleansing and fortifying the body and other sources of nutrition including biophotons, healing energy, electromagnetic field coherency, super foods, community and emotions.   The of work Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Brian Clement and others will be highlighted.

10) Introduction to Trauma-Informed Yoga

We'll review the Neurobiology of Trauma, Common Assumptions in Yoga Classes, Trauma Triggers, Fundamentals of Non-Violent Communication and Self-Care.   This class is designed for all teachers wishing to cast the largest net of safety, support and respect for their students and what my lay deep in their history and potential may emerge through the practice.  A must for those wishing to teach under-served populations and those incarcerated or in recovery.

11) Adjustment Clinic Based on the Life Work of Dr. Milton Trager, The Trager ® Approach

“Movement as a Way to Agelessness,” Milton Trager, MD

As a yoga instructor, you’ve become part of the health care system.  As one who adjusts others, you are now a therapeutic bodyworker or manual therapist, soft tissue manipulator --any one of these.

Learning how to speak to the student’s body with your hands-on adjustment, to put their nervous system at ease and allow it to open so the neuromuscular patterning may be imprinted, requires “communicating” the correct message when the opportunity arises.

Without a proper communication, optimal learning may be missed.  Learning how to incorporate the principles of The Trager® Approach and Mentastics® into your work will enhance your adjustment efficacy and having both your students and you feeling great afterwards as well.

Utilizing gentle touch and movement, The Trager® Approach remains one of the most innovative and effective forms of integrative movement education and bodywork that facilitates lasting release of muscle holding patterns that manifest as pain and functional limitation.

Through lecture, demonstration and practice of Primary Series Adjustments you!ll learn:

  1. How inquiry and a meditative presence transform touch into a language.

  2. How to use touch and movement to dialogue with the nervous system to initiate lasting neuromuscular change.
    The fundamental principles of the Trager® Approach at the heart of its efficacy.

  3. Mentastics® Self Care Movement exercises to keep you comfortable while you teach and which may be applied guiding student's self-inquiry to optimize asana practice.

  4. Through a mini-session protocol, we explore how to adapt those principles to your present style of work.

All workshops may include the following: Discussions on Energetic Healing, The Morphogenic Field/The Living Matrix, Healing Intention, and Research by the Institute of Heart Math, Live Nutrition and the best stuff ever!

*This workshop will include a full Mysore morning practice and two adjustment modules each day.




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