Professional Drumming, Touring Wellness and Recovery Support Services

Integrative Somatic and Trauma-informed Practices to Address Addiction and Post Performance Depression. 

" takes a shot of whiskey and a beta blocker to make it happen."  But I'm a shell of a person afterwards..."

"" - Lorde


Touring Services include:

1) Working privately/exclusively with the main talent and or band providing:

Trauma-Informed Ashtanga and Therapeutic Yoga to address physical, emotional and psychological well-being. While yoga is commonly know for its physical benefits, increased flexibility, joint mobility, strength, and aerobic capacity, yoga’s inherent breath and mindfulness components have the attention of many researchers, elite professional athletes, and our military-largely for it’s s psycho-emotional benefits. Further, an increasing body of evidence cites yoga as an efficacious primary therapy or adjunct to more conventional or cognitive-based approaches to addiction cessation because of its focus on developing equanimity towards cravings without acting upon them.

Pranayamic Breathing Instruction - for increased energy and focus and lower blood pressure and heart rate, decreased impulsivity, greater self regulation. The breath reflects where the mind is at. Gaining control of breathing helps to tether the mind. Nose Breathing Exercises like those found in yoga produce a more therapeutic physiology than traditional work out breathing which produces a stress physiology. Such techniques can naturally boost energy levels and elevate mood without the use of drugs and offset depression.

TRAGER Integrative Neuromuscular Somatic Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy - addressing pain associated with overuse, injury, stress, etc. with a special focus depending on performer to optimize performance. One doesn’t have to feel bad to feel better either:

Singer - jaw, throat, neck, shoulders and rib cage
Guitarist - Neck, Shoulders, Hands, Low-Back
Drummers - Keyboardist - Low back, hip flexors, neck, shoulders, wrists, hands, feet

Dynamic Mindfulness Instruction to improve emotional resilience, self-regulation, de-escalation and focus - Utilizing mindful breathing and other approaches, skills to address anxiety, to de-escalate safely and naturally/substance-free after a performance, minimize perseveration and rumination when missing home, etc.

Nutritional Consultation - Living on Live Foods, Plant-based Nutrition, Herbs for Minimizing Cravings

2) Provision of Drumming Services for rehearsals, recording, or touring

As a band member also invested in the performance, a musical connection can be made and trust more easily established.

3) Serve as main talent wellness provider or provide support to entire tour team.

Group instruction can also include Non-Violent Communication and conflict resolution support to facilitate greater harmony between members, tour staff on the road.

4) Contact Michael for rates and availability.

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Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to be effective for increasing positive moods, body awareness and self-regulation. Learning yoga and mindfulness practices in context, while touring, enables performers to develop for themselves an internal center of the cyclone within the touring environment. Greater emotional resilience and optimal health are the goals even while being pushed and pulled by the pace on the road. Mastering such techniques empowers performers to de-escalate after performances naturally, free from alcohol and other substances, without depression, and to smoothly resume off-the-road life, which has its own inherent and different stresses.

National Geographic recently cited studies conducted at the University of Washington which showed that Mindfulness protocols were more effective in preventing drug-addiction relapse than 12-Step Programs. Researchers showed that Mindfulness training was twice as effective as the top behavioral anti-smoking program.

Mindfulness, paying attention to the sensations associated with cravings without acting upon them, works to quiet the posterior cingulate cortex in the brain. That’s the precinct of the brain involved in perseveration, persistent thought or action which can become obsessive and foster addiction. Further, the neural connections from emotional centers to cognitive centers are more numerous than the other way around which explains why it is generally difficult to willfully control emotions/impulses with thought alone. Awareness of feelings and their associated sensations) builds equanimity to leverage greater ascending neural inputs to the sub-cortical centers (emotional) than to cortical layers (cognitive function).

In addition to the fitness and health benefits associated with yoga (increased flexibility, joint mobility, aerobic capacity etc.) research has shown that Trauma-informed (TI) Practices and Mindfulness lead to lower scores on PTSD assessments regarding anxiety, stress and hyper-vigilance, improved emotional resilience, self-regulation, stress management, an overall socio-emotional rehabilitation, increased focus and concentration, the emergence of life-meaning and purpose, social responsibility and an increased tolerance to other’s beliefs and values.

Research on Mindfulness and Yoga conducted at The Tanglewood Music Center, the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s academy for high-level musical study, showed that Mindfulness and Yoga practices produced increases in dispositional flow and autotelic creative flow experience, as well as decreases in performance anxiety.


has worked extensively in the adult and juvenile corrections system providing adjunct services (trauma informed yoga and mindfulness) in addiction treatment programs which have dramatically impacted recidivism in those intrinsicly motivate to change.   Change requires a strong commitment to continuity of practice of these effective self-care and self-regulating practices.  Components of the TI Yoga and Mindfulness include Pain and Stress Management - Comprehensive Self Care through Breath and Movement, Understanding Emotion, Feelings and Sensations, Basic Neuro-biology of Trauma, Mindful Communicatoin (NVC) Emotional Landscape/Mapping, Trigger Identification, Addressing Anxiety, Fear, Anger and Depression.

As a life-long drummer, I've specialized in Rock, Country, Alternative, Funk and Pop/Dance - all current styles.  True to playing for the song, I've studied the styles of Jeff Porcaro (Toto) Shannon Forrest (Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Toto), Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean), Kenny Aronoff (Everybody), Matt Chamberlain (Sarah Bareilles, Miranda Lambert), Adam Marcello (Katy Perry), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Bernard Purdie (Steely Dan), Aaron Sterling (Taylor Swift, Maren Morris) Manu Cache (Sting, Peter Gabriele) , Abe Laboriel Jr. (Vanessa Carlton, Paul McCartney).

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